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Neo Daikaiju-MANDA by Dino-master Neo Daikaiju-MANDA by Dino-master
Manda--“A quick action equals quick victory”

Length: 225 meters
Mass: 200 tons
Armored scales
Constricting body
Adept swimmer
Thunder Spark bite with 1 million volts of power.
Able to create an energy shield to absorb energy attacks and release them
Limited flying ability when receiving the power of a dead member of her brethren

Manda is very calm when being on the water for it’s her element. But like the ocean itself she can become very furious and dangerous on a moments notice. She is very protective of the ocean and whoever or whatever threatens to damaged (like humans polluting, or Godzilla’s dangerous radiation) can expect no sympathy form her.

A Spawn of Orochi, The Sea Goddess Manda ruled the ocean. The nation of Mu, refused to send its armies to fight, for fear that she was indeed the Dragon God incarnate, and the people had done some evil to anger her. A pearl was offered the pearl to Manda and her rage was calm, and became the guardian of Mu.

The legendary empire of the lost continent of Mu reappeared in 1962 to threaten the world with domination. While countries unite to resist, a World War II Captain created the greatest warship ever seen, and possibly the surface world's only defense.

Manda proved to be a fighter and attacked the Gotengo without hesitation, with the hate, cruelty, and malice of a warlord. Constricting like a python, she tried to seal the humans' fates. The Gotengo however was not defenseless and charged an electrical discharge. Manda was struck with pain, and retreated to the depths, where it was followed and frozen by the Gotengo's Freeze Cannon. Gotengo only could subdue Manda for limited time with the Zero Cannon, but its power was drained of. Luckily, the crew discovered that the giant pearl was removed from the ancient ruins and upon its return to its owner, Manda swam back into the depts., and has eluded human eyes ever since.

In 2005, the radioactive dinosaur Ghost Godzilla, the spiritual amalgam of the forgotten spirits of the Pacific War, had defeated the first Guardian Monster, Baragon. The second Guardian Monster, Varan, was already on his way to battle with Ghost Godzilla.

As the second Guardian Monster Varan grappled with Ghost Godzilla in Yokohama, Manda emerged. The Flying reptile retreated into the sky to allow Manda a chance to destroy their adversary, injecting him with severe electrical shocks. Ghost Godzilla countered attack, by piercing Manda’s neck with his teeth. The neck of the dragon spilled with blood. As the two titans sliced through each other's hides, Varan prepared an ambush; however, his detestable foe merely flicked him aside with his tail. Baragon reappeared, and entered the fray, but after a shot struggle, it was annihilated for good. Manda continued to inject electrical shocks into Ghost Godzilla, but she was lifted and heaved into a building, and rendered unconscious by Ghost Godzilla's thermonuclear ray. As the demonic dinosaur prepared to fire a final blast, Varan intercepted the full furious force of the attack.

Following Ghost Godzilla's destruction of the military counteroffensive, Varan arose from ruins of the metropolis. He quietly approached the repugnant reptile from behind. Ghost Godzilla meet Varan face-to-face and annihilated the Guardian Monster. Yet Ghost Godzilla had not prevailed. Varan's life energy collected together with Baragon’s and entered into Manda. Now filled to the brim with an astonishing amount of raw power, awoke revitalized she had ascended to a new level, and now Ghost Godzilla would have to face the full wrath of Dragon Goddess Manda.

Birthed in illumination, Manda emerged. Rising in shining glory, Japan's last hope stood ready to fight with the terrible titan of man's ignorance.

Ghost Godzilla, ready for battle against his reanimated foe, unleashed a blast of his atomic breath at his airborne opponent. However, the breath collided with a shield around the guardian monster. Bathed in the glow of Ghost Godzilla's ray, Manda fired back, unleashing a sphere of stored energy at the nuclear terror and celestial amount of electricity. The collected energy contacted with devastating effects, the massive explosion that followed, Ghost Godzilla was thrust into the water.

With her prey submerged, Manda gave chase. Slamming her body directly into Ghost Godzilla, as the two monsters sank beneath the waves. The deity lashed out with its jaws, attempting to rip flesh from the bone to no avail. As two Satsuma class subs arrived to strike against the nuclear titan, the craft unleashed its D-03 missile against Ghost Godzilla; however, the beast made use of the situation. Rotating, Ghost Godzilla forced his opponent in the missile's path, as the D-03 blasted a hole in the Manda's neck. She reeled in pain, as the Ghost Godzilla beat back his foe with an atomic ray blast.

Fate would not let Japan's defender fall so easily. Rising from the water to do battle with the titan, Manda's body began to glow with a golden hue. She unleashed her most powerful attacks, sending waves churning into the night's sky. Manda refocused his attack, crashing her body into Ghost Godzilla and unleashing the electricity bolts at pointblank range. The attack proved, futile though, as Ghost Godzilla's dorsal fins surged with the power was showering against it. Ghost Godzilla then unleashed the stored energy in a single blast, decimating the Dragon Goddess Manda once and for all.

After her death, the deity's life essence joined with the other fallen guardians, Baragon and Varan, as their combined force entered Ghost Godzilla's body and dragged the monster down into the depths.

The JSDF Admiral, Taizo Tachibana piloted the Satsuma into Ghost Godzilla's mouth, and from within the admiral fired a D-03 through a hole in Ghost Godzilla wound inside out. Every time Ghost Godzilla tried fire, his atomic ray only enlarged the wound. As the Satsuma escaped, Godzilla charged one final ray. Victim to his own power he disappeared from radar.

In death the Guardians monsters, had defeated Ghost Godzilla. However, the Guardians monsters would live on in 2020...

In 2020, Godzilla III, and all of Earth's monsters, were confined to Monster Island. When an alien race called the Kilaakians descended, they used mind control on the island's personnel and kaiju. The monsters were quickly dispatched across the globe to beat humanity into submission. Jyarumu another Guardians monster, with the power of darkness, awakened in Siberia and rampage against the world on its own.

As the Kilaakians’s mind control was severed, the monsters gathered at Mt Fuji, while Jyarumu was devastating North China, when Balkzardan, the Guardian Monster of Light, used Quintessential power and imbue the remains of the other Guardian monster with life force. The Guardian monsters revived and gathered to meet Jyarumu. The dark creature fought back the forces of Guardians monsters, but in the end, his strength wasn’t enough, as Manda constricted him and along as the other monster used their attacks to destroy the beast and Jyarumu was killed.

After the battle Balkzardan went to Monster Island to fight Kaiser Ghidorah. After the conflict, the Kilaakians were vanquished, and Balkzardan and the rest of Guardians monsters went on Monster Island. Whit the ultimate terror, Ghidorah defeated for good, Manda was lived out on her rocky cliff side home forever.
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Lediblock2 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
Once again, Dino-Master has ruined yet ANOTHER of the classic Toho movie monsters! What next: are you gonna put feathers on Godzilla?
manbog Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015
Don't be so harsh! Yet Godzilla is basically a dinosaur so it coulllldddddd be likely he can have feathers in reality. Manda looks nice! Except he's more of a sea monster really, and that head doesn't fit. It would look cleaner with a pleisiosaur head.
Lediblock2 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015
Dude, this "fanart" takes away every single goddamn thing about Manda that makes him unique and replaces them with generic dinosaur parts. Of course I'm going to be pissed that the characters I love are being disgraced like this! Plus, we're talking about creatures so incredibly huge that gravity would kill them before they could take a breath. Reality kinda goes out the window when we're dealing with things like that.
manbog Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015
I know, but didn't Manda have many, many forms? I think this one resembles the Minilla's movie's Manda, which was the most disgraceful one.. My favorite was from a video game actually. Godzilla Unleashed Melee I think, he was a large, blue dragon with two whiskers, large teeth, and a more distinctive head.(And the proportions were better than this). I wouldn't mind if Dino-master changed the design to be more unique with a head more suitable for the sea, and or air, not a tyrannosaurus with a snake body.
Lediblock2 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
No, he only had two different forms, as far as I can remember.

Also, considering that almost all of his "Neo Daikaiju" are traced, with the rest being boring and generic, I wouldn't put too much hope into that.
manbog Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
King Ghidorah with Mithras power and that Monster X Ghidorah..

And yea, it looks like he mostly traced other animals or work and puts dinosaur heads on them.. Ruins them if you ask me.
septrax77 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i love it its awesome
Saurornithoides Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
Now THAT'S Manda!!
Rexarkingdino Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like the quotes.
gojiranwarrior Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
PLEASE, stop making every kaiju that has sharp teeth have a T-Rex head! It's getting old fast.
thatsfrigginawesome Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009
no. i don't think so.
indonesianbob67 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2009
Heres a redisign i LIKE
Hopper9 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is awesome!
mothmanb Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2008
Darkmate3 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
This is Manda 2014
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