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10983621 661223627336780 1744067733 N by Dino-master

"The park is open." 

After over a decade of Development Hell, Jurassic World is the fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise is hereSquee Bounce ! It is intended to be the first of a new trilogy. Colin Trevorrow takes over as director, while Steven Spielberg remains on as an executive producer. Like the third film, it uses concepts and characters created by Michael Crichton, but is not directly based on any novel of his.

Twenty-two years after the disastrous events at Isla Nublar in the first film, the late John Hammond's dream has finally come to pass: the island now hosts a fully-functioning theme park with dinosaurs, run by the Masrani Corporation. However, the public has gotten used to the dinosaurs and attendance is slowly declining. A new attraction is developed to bring in more visitors backfires disastrously… the Indominus Rex

"You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea."

This installment of the series will finally feature a fully operational park open to visitors. Regardless of what happens in the film, at least for a while, John Hammond's dream finally came true! Following the passing of Richard Attenborough (1923-2014), director Colin Trevorrow announced that the film will be dedicated to the late actor, and will even feature a statue of his iconic character, John Hammond.

After the second and third movies focused on people navigating Isla Sorna and surviving the wild, uncontained dinosaurs there, Jurassic World returns to the first movie's focus on the logistics and ethics of operating a dinosaur theme park.

559613c26b21cab5a2627bf6cf896ed3 by Dino-master

Owen Grady Played by Chris Pratt (a.k.a Peter Quill/Star-Lord) is a Jurassic World employee who specializes in researching the behavioral patterns of Velociraptors, which has led to him having a friendly relationship with the animals. He uses them as his personal hunting dogs!

He's also the only one who can be in the same area as them; they attack anyone else who comes near  them. He's the only person they listen to and won't attack on sight, which Owen attributes to maintaining a mutually respectful relationship with them. It also helps that Owen raised them since birth and all four of the raptors (who were given bird DNA instead of frog) have imprinted on him in some way.

Owen pretty much instantly recognizes that making a "new dinosaur" is a pretty terrible idea. He also wants to evacuate the island when everything goes wrong.

And there might be some Sexual Tension between him and Claire.

A01a479e7deaa5793cec4e4eed605b6f by Dino-master

Claire Dearing Played by Bryce Dallas Howard is the park operations manager at Jurassic World, and the aunt of Zach and Gray. She wears all-white outfits, has icy blue eyes, and has a somewhat a loof demeanor. When Owen's velociraptors are clearly losing against the Indominus Rex, Claire has Rexy unleashed and lures her to fight Indominus in an epic showdown.

She is in a way similar to John Hammond, she appears completely dressed in white much like Hammond's wardrobe when he made his debut and is a relative of two major child characters visiting the park that happen to find themselves in danger in wake of the dinosaurs' wrath (John was the grandfather of Lex and Tim Murphy, while Claire is the aunt of Zach and Gray).

She's evidently too much of a Workaholic to look after her own nephews when they visit her at her job, but when things go awry, she ends up protecting them from the monster she created.

Gray : I can't wait to tell mom about this! 
Claire: "You cannot tell your mother about that, EVER!"

Claire, who came off as a coldhearted corporate executive from her involvement in Indominus's creation in the first trailer, is later shown upset over the defenseless herbivores the Indominus has attacked for fun. She does actually care about the dinos and not just the park.

The saddest scene for me part is when Owen says the I. rex didn't kill the Apatosaurus for food, but she's killing them for sport. This particular scene made me cry its so emotional and realistic the pain of the Apatosarus and the fact that its reminded me of the death of Littlefoot’s mom at the claws of sharptooth

In the grand tradition of Jurassic Park, Two kids endure a seriously traumatic series of events. They're attacked several times, their loved ones are placed in danger and people die horribly right in front of them with some regularity.

Zach & Gray Mitchell Played By Nick Robinson & Ty Simpkins
D684a05edc7d16877b77ccee3b24d6bd by Dino-master

Claire's two nephews who go to visit their aunt and enjoy a vacation at Jurassic World at a rather unfortunate time.

Zach is mildly bully to Gray, but stops once real danger begins but when it comes down to it, however, he proves himself to be a loyal and protective brother.. Gray is similar to Tim Murphy; young, intelligent and adorably obsessed with dinosaurs. The Indominus rex attacking the kids' gyrosphere much like the Tyrannosaurus attacked Lex and Tim's touring car. He glomps his aunt Claire at one point. Her reaction is priceless

Jurassic World Dinosaurs And Sea Lizard By Urbnvam by Dino-master

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Gallimimus, Pachycephalosauus, and the flying reptile Pteranodon all return for the film, with the new addition of classic Dinosaur Apatosaurus, and the sea reptile Mosasaurus. The skeleton of Spinosaurus, the main antagonist of the third film, is on display on the Main Street of the island. Indominus's DNA includes that of Carnotaurus.

On the dinosaur side of the coin, Metriacanthosaurus, Suchomimus, and Baryonyx had been referenced or mentioned in the previous trilogy, and the latter two now feature as park attractions. It remains to be seen if all three get to appear.

 1417196939 by Dino-master

"The most ferocious and insatiable carnivore ever to step on the face of the planet."

After 22 years Rexy has return with thirst for blood of any who dares take her crown. If she had been the one to fight Spiny in the third movie victory  would have undoubtedly been hers.

An old Tyrannosaurus Rex and the face of Jurassic World; she was one of the dinosaurs who escaped during the initial disaster at Jurassic Park and is now relocated to Jurassic World as something of a mascot. The main clues that she is the same T. rex is the presence of scars corresponding to the raptor fight in the climax of the first movie. She picks up a bucketload more following her fight with Indominus.

She is probably the most iconic member of her species ever to be shown on the silver screen.

In Jurassic World, Claire releases her to help fight the Indominus rex.

While still a huge threat in the novel that kills several other dinosaurs and indirectly responsible for the death of Hammond, it doesn't eat anyone as opposed to the movie where she eats Gennaro.

Her name is "Tyrant King of Lizards" for good reason, and her Signature Scene is of killing two Velociraptors, then unleashing a Mighty Roar (of the most well-known and most used in cinema).while a banner saying "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth" floats down in front of her. If that's not badass, nothing is.

The real life T. rex was every bit as powerful and epic as this one. In fact, research done since the movie suggests that the real thing was actually even tougher than Rexy!

She's not technically a villain — she hunts only when she needs to — but she noms the Raptors in the first film. In that situation, nomming the Raptors is a good thing. It is commonly believed that Rexy was the main antagonist of the first film, but this is incorrect; the raptors were the true antagonists. Rexy was merely an anti-hero. 

Jurassic World  Indominus Rex By Sonichedgehog2-d8 by Dino-master

Indominus Rex… The dinosaur equivalent a Frankenstein's Monster.  Indominus means "fierce" or "untamable". The former because she was designed to be the ultimate dinosaur, the latter because she can't be controlled. I mean she's a psycho dragon! As like humans and the raptor in the first movie  With great intelligence, comes great insanity. She had a sibling, whom she killed and ate!:RunAway: 

"She's killing for sport."

The hybrid dinosaur that was created to be the new mascot of the park. Naturally, everything that could go wrong does go wrong and she that terrorizes the park.

She has attributes and abilities from nearly every creature in her genetic composition; camouflage from cuttlefish, wide-opening jaws and swallowing ability from snake DNA, durability and regenerative teeth from her theropod DNA, horns from Carnotaurus, and Giganotosaurus DNA, long arms and quills from Velociraptor DNA.

She acts as the main dinosaur antagonist. What sets her apart from the previous dinosaur villains is a mix of her intelligence and depravity; not only does she kill for pleasure and sport, but she's smart enough to cause the breakout of Jurassic World.

She was specifically created to be this to boost ticket sales for Jurassic World. It worked. Way too well. To the point that even the other animals in the Park are terrified of her. She manages to scare the highly territorial Pteranodons out of the Aviary and invokes an "Oh, Crap" face in an Ankylosaurus.

Has a white body with red eyes much like Rudy in Ice Age 3

The most dangerous feature of the Indominus rex isn't any of her mix and match body parts, but that they intentionally made her hyper-intelligent, even more than the raptors are naturally. The raptors have problem-solving intelligence (The sheer plan that the Indominus rex cooked up to let herself out of the cell is nothing short of terrifying, showing that not only It Can Think, but also carry the action out with ruthless efficiency). The Indominus Rex seems to be outright capable of deductive reasoning, observing that the humans inserted something under her flesh (an RFID chip), the humans seem to be able to track her even when they can't see her, and therefore rationally concluding that the thing they inserted must be how they're tracking her, so she claws out the chip.

In comparison to previous dinosaur antagonists, this one is the most threatening, homicidal, intelligent, depraved and frightening. It takes the combined might of the Rexy, Blue the last Velociraptor, and the Mosasaurus in an epic showdown to finally bring her down.

It turns out Hoskins knew perfectly well what he was doing when he ordered that the Indominus Rex be made an aggressive predator with high intelligence (apart from the sheer hubris of believing he could control her); he wanted to sell her genetic template terror weapon, or possibly the Velociraptor if they brought her down.

TV spot #15 starts out almost cute, as you see an egg hatching in a little laboratory, similar to the first movie. And then, you find out what's hatching out of the egg is the Indominus rex. Her eye is darting around, she's tapping her claws on the eggshell, she's shaking like a leaf. It's so creepy, as you can see the eye and almost KNOW that already she's planning something big.
Creepy-new-jurassic-world-tv-spot-teases-the-indom by Dino-master

Mosasaurus-detail-header by Dino-master

"Okay, folks, she's a little shy so give her a hand when she comes out."

A sea lizard (a true lizard since she's related to Komodo dragons, but she's not a dinosaur) in the lagoon that eats sharks. As shown in the trailer, in an aquatic exhibit surrounding a lagoon, a deceased Great White Shark hangs from a revolving rail towards the lagoon. She's an impressive size, which all but extenuates the enormity of the Mosasaurus, whom promptly lunges out of the water and eats the whole shark in one bite. Later becomes this to a Pteranodon... whom she leaps out of the water and noms.

Claire's assistant Zara being dunked into the water by a Pteranodon and fished out over and over, before the Mosasaurus finally puts her out of her misery.

With the park closed down, there's no-one to feed her... and she's trapped in a lagoon. This means she's probably going to starve in the future, once whatever remains of the Indominus Rex are devoured. However if Mosasaurus was able to move on land like a turtle she could exit the lagoon and head toward the ocean, assuming Rexy doesn’t wish to have a go.

However, some bloggers have pointed out that aside from her exaggerated size, the Mosasaurus is possibly the most accurate animal in the entire park. She's correctly shown with two rows of teeth, although her tongue would have probably been forked like modern-day monitor lizards.

843f77631e450f2da6931f8d0b30ce91 by Dino-master

Blue,  Delta, Echo and Charlie

The Velociraptors were originally antagonists in the novels and the previous films. Here, they're trained by Owen and help him fight against the new threat. That still doesn't stop them from being vicious and dangerous predators, though. And the Indominus'r Raptor genes allow her to communicate with the pack, causing them to turn on their handlers. However, near the end, Owen confronts the raptors himself and manages to bring them back to his side and against the Indominus rex again.

Velociraptors and Owen by Dino-master

"I don't 'control' the raptors, it's a relationship. It's based on mutual respect."

The species of intelligent pack hunters who brought so much bloodshed upon people in years past. This time around, they've been cordoned off from the tourist-accessible park itself while Owen analyzes their behavior. Owen has given them names: Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Blue is the pack leader and the oldest, Charlie is the youngest and most unpredictable, Delta has more avian DNA then the rest of her pack, and Echo has scars from challenging Blue for dominance when they were younger (Presumably the reason they trust Owen). There isn't amphibian DNA in the mix. Each Raptor has DNA from different reptiles and birds mixed in.

Blue goes above and beyond what we already expect from smart, vicious hunters when she launches herself off Rexy to better attack the I. Rex.

While they're still not exactly safe for the average untrained person to be around, Owen's work with them means that they no longer go into Predator mode around all humans.  They are still feared enough to be left off the list of tourist attractions in Jurassic World.

When introduced, they appear tamed. However when the pack confronts Indominus Rex for the first time, they decide that she makes a better alpha than Owen, making them go on a rampage against the personnel. Finally when they corner Owen, Claire and the kids, Owen manages to play on the bond he has formed with them, and the Velociraptors ultimately fight against the Indominus Rex.

Blue teams up with Rexy to stop the Indominus, and at the end, sent off with little more than a nod from Owen. Blue is the only survivor. Charlie dies to a security member and Delta and Echo are killed by the I. Rex.

The ending hearkens back to the first film, with T. rex and Velociraptor fighting and a bigger fish being summoned, only this time the former two are on the same side (much like the tag-teams of Godzilla and other Kaiju) with Blue distracting her so that T. rex can land the heavy blows and the fish in question is actually a Mosasaurus

The fight was beyond awesome and although watching Indominus fall at the jaws of the Mosasaurus was heart racing I would have prefer it was Rexy the one bite her head off.


Download (25.7 MB)

Dr. Henry Wu will be returning in a larger role than he had in the first film.

NOTE: The Main Street on the island features as its centerpiece an inaccurate Spinosaurus skeleton , the main antagonist from Jurassic Park III. And the T. rex smashes through the skeleton, as a jab toward the one-sided nature of the fight between the two dinosaurs in that movie.

This was the sequel that Jurassic park always deserved.

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