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In the tradition of the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universe, a kaiju shared universe will share Godzilla and Gamera monsters in a bid to create one of the most epic shared universes ever known to man. First we introduce Godzilla and the other monster who’ve had their series like Mothra are introduced into the Godzilla storyline, then Gamera is introduce to expand the universe.

Here is how I would do it in fanfic

First… Godzilla King of Monster: The ancient alpha predator rises to combat terrible spawns of the nuclear era.

 Godzilla by Dino-master

Then Gamera, the Last Guardian: The last member of extinct race   of super predators created to defend the world rises when humankind’s foolishness awakens an ancient evil

 Gamera (2) by Dino-master
In the tradition of Batman vs. Superman and Captain America: Civil War we first see Godzilla vs Gamera (Gamera returns to preemptively combat Godzilla, fearing what would happen if the latter is kept unchecked, while another threat endangers humankind.)

Death Battle by Dino-master

Later Mothra Guardian on the Cosmos rises when aliens threaten humankind.

Mothra by Dino-master

Then we have the crossover story where Godzilla, Gamera and Mothra must formed an unlikely alliance to stop aliens from conquering their world.

Form there I have no form to continue the story but was thinking combining other

But what other monsters outside of Godzilla and Gamera can enter this melee?

Clover, Buraki, Raiga, even the Antiverse Kaiju? I can picture Godzilla fighting Buraki as he transforms into a Dark Celestial Dragon or Gamera blasting Anteverse kaiju into a giant blue blood stains on the buildings. How about in response to the kaiju attacks the Jaeger program is initiated and Jet Jaguar in made into an autonomous Jaeger.

 Gamera Vs Leather Back by Dino-masterGodzilla Vs Buraki by Dino-master

How would you do a suicide squad reference? Which villainous kaiju would you join to fight an even worst enemy?

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