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The fourth film in the Transformers Film Series, directed by Michael Bay and released on June 27th, 2014. The film is intended to be the start of a new trilogy with a new Story Arc to it. And as far as action it just keep getting better and better.

The Plot:

Given the Grand Finale tone of Dark of the Moon, the only way to continue in the same movieverse would be to do something new. This means introducing new human characters, Autobots and Decepticon, as well as an aesthetic revamp.

After the events of TF: DotM, the Cons had left Earth and the Autobots were driven into hiding by anti-Transformer sentiment.Mark Wahlberg plays Cade Yeager who finds an, semi-truck that turns out to be Prime. A new human conspiracy unfolds, and the Transformer mercenary Lockdown has arrived and whoever he works for wants all Cybertronians done. With the help of their new human allies, Optimus has to gather the Autobots to save humanity even as they are being hunted on multiple fronts.

After the battle of Chicago, Congress quickly cut off ties with the Autobots that saved them from Megatron and kept him from using the all spark to transform their technology into an army, that stop The Fallen from eating away the sun and defeated the unstoppable army that took over Chicago and planned to enslave humanity. After having risked their sparks and servos protecting the human race for three movies, the humans decide to pay this back by hunting down the remaining Autobots… ungrateful morons

Ratchet (rest his spark) is among the first casualties on screen, or at least the most prominent one shown to be killed in brutal detail

The Autobots were driven into hiding by human forces after DOTM, the dissolution of their military alliance (NEST) allowed Attinger to target the Autobots under the campaign of tracking down only Decepticons. It is especially harsh because the Autobots spent the last three movies training human military how to defend against the 'Cons using themselves as "sparring" partners.

So when you don’t have any partners to fight invading aliens (Specially because you stab them in the back) why not trying to build your own. Trying to reverse-engineer Decepticons to make your own transformers? No, there's no way that can possibly backfire.

Did we really think that Megatron would disappear from the series forever after TfDotM? Megatron becoming Galvatron practically has been a thing for basically forever. Him being revived by manipulating a human who found his severed head is also similar to how it happened in Transformers Animated

Galvatron is not a remote-controlled drone, but is in fact Megatron's essence uploaded into a man-made body by his own evolution. Galvatron despite having become a powerful Badass once again he attempts to become the Big Bad Boss towards the end of the movie by wanting to bring humanity’s extinction, while Lockdown and Attinger remain the primary antagonists. However, Galvatron survives, so he will likely be a major villain in the sequel.

Galvatron exclaims "I am Galvatron" exactly like Megatron exclaims "I am Megatron" from the original film.

Joyce wanted Galvatron to resemble Optimus, but with a black/gray color scheme. Because of Megatron's consciousness survived, it ended up looking like the latter. This arguably makes Galvatron a composite of both him and TFP Nemesis Prime.

Optimus's solution to Galvatron making the drones his new allies and Lockdown coming back to finish what he started? Let the Dinobots loose. 
The Dinobots finally make their appearance; Optimus even rides Grimlock as a mount. All of them have traits of various species or simply fabricated to look cool. In addition to the complex movie-verse look of the robots, they have a vicious look.

The Dinobots, were awesome “such primal magnificence” never had such a blunt example., but the Dinobots only appear in the last 20 minutes or so, of course, they do a lot of damage to the Cons those 20 minutes.

Just like the original Dinobots, aside from Grimlock, all the known Dinobots so far have names starting with S. Some of the traditional Dinobot forms got replaced with different characters as different species or were given much different names. The Pterosaur of the Dinobots has always been something of a Fragile Speedster, great for reconnaissance but not too powerful on its own. Here, it is a massive dragon-like flyer that can carry Bumblebee and his knockoff.

Scorn, as there has never been a Dinobot that took on the appearance of a Spinosaur (the species made famous in JP III). Slash (who was cut from the film) is another new-comer to the Dinobots, character-wise, though there have been Transformers with raptor alt-modes before.

Grimlock's robot mode jumps away from the classic Grimlock appearance and takes a lot of inspiration from Predaking. Although not even a simple “ Me Grimlock KING!” like the original Grimlock much like the Predaking a "Strike me again, and I will bury that rod in your spark."

Optimus recruits the Dinobots by beating the crap out of Grimlock showing his strength like a true Prime.
 Well firebreathing robotic t-rex is awesome, but Optimus riding Grimlock was awesome to the cube

Optimus gets really pissed when he finds out Ratchet was brutally slaughtered and being melted down for resources. He's sensitive most of the movie and has gotten angry before, but this was a complete snap. This version of Optimus can be compared to John Rambo a warrior whose war is over but has no home and has lost his faith in humanity. 

"They slaughtered Ratchet! I'M GONNA TEAR THEM APART!!!"

And thus it is up to Cade to restore that faith.

Every returning Transformer gets some radical new designs, based off mostly new vehicles. Bees new battle mask brings me to minds the Predator. Stinger was specifically designed (and marketed) to be "Like Bumblebee, but better in every way", and until Strafe came to the rescue, Stinger definitely had the upperhand in their fight. The general look of the robots in this film seem more sleek and stylized

Bumblebee, but also Hound when Tessa gets them dancing. doesn't happen in the movie. While Bumblebee still uses sound bites from his radio, he can also now "speak" with his broken voice in a manner similar to his portrayal in Transformers Prime.

Hound, who's a huge, gun-toting Big. Hound has the name of a classic G1 character, but was a military jeep that made him among the smaller Autobots. Hound takes the place of Ironhide as The Big Guy of the Autobots. The larger assault vehicle, heavier build, and apparently jolly attitude he has in this film makes him more like Bulkhead from Transformers Animated and Transformers Prime.

"I'm a fat ballerina who takes names and slits throats!"

Only Hound can take yet another level in badass and ballerina classes at the same time.

Drift in the comics was simply a sword-wielding Autobot with a bit of a samurai motif, Age of Extinction Drift's robot mode is heavily modeled after a typical samurai. And despite being a former Decepticon he seem to have to upmost respect for Prime

As for Crosshairs… At first the gut to me did not deserve to wear the Autobot insignia, bailing on prime while they were on lockdown ship and hooping for his comrades to kill each other so he could take charge.

Cade is very different from Sam Witwiky. While is growing to become a man Cade is already a man with the responsibility of a family. At first, but gets more badass once he gets his hands on some good weapons. if you take on a Decepticon that's just kicked Optimus to the ground, and live, then you fit in this category, no questions asked.

Didn't even want his daughter to get a date for prom. Justified, in that he doesn't want Tessa to go through the same toils he and her mother went through from having her as teenagers.

As for the villains:
Lockdown makes his debut as a seemingly major antagonist, his signature weapon is a nasty looking, laser sighted sniper rifle that transforms from his face. His preferred method of attack is to strike from afar while they are distracted. Lockdown has a couple who appear technorganic. And they don't exactly look friendly.

Harold Attinger of the CIA has a secret black ops team called Cemetery Wind that kills all Transformers, including Autobots, without the public knowing and is secretly in league with Lockdown, a Transformer bounty hunter, so that he can replace Autobots with drones made from Transformium that can protect America from another invasion. Bu he has simply no sense of moral willing to sacrifice humans to achieve his dark propose.

Attinger does genuinely believe he's protecting humanity, but he's plenty corrupt and lacking a moral compass.

“A new era has begun. The age of the Transformers is over.”

Everything involving the work of Harold Attinger and Joshua Joyce treat the Cybertronians as a science project. Joshua explicitly calls Optimus "simply metal," which is enough encouragement that Optimus is ready to leave Earth to their own fate afterwards.

Attinger gets blown up by Optimus, just as he promised he would do for killing the Autobots and forcing Cade, Tessa, and Shane to lose everything and go on the run.

Whereas Joyce realizes his pursuit of progress may have gone a bit too far once Galvatron reveals his plot.

James Savoy's character was a real dark addition to the movie verse that how Simmons was portrayed in the first movie, if throwing an innocent girl to the ground and holding a family at gunpoint to find Optimus is any indication. Savoy, after getting thrown out a window by Cade. Best human death than that of Dilan Gould in the previous movie

KSI's drones have been referred to as Vehicons which I think is rather appropriate.

The guy in the elevator that helps beat the snot out of the goons trying to catch Joshua. Dafaq was tat?

Nonetheless all in all its was an awesome movie!

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